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Ike provides the full suite of real estate brokerage services to companies that occupy real estate. Whether you’re looking to lease new space, renew an existing lease, expand, sublease, lease out a portion of a space you already own, buy, sell, or sell-leasebackwe are here to help.  

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Lease Negotiations

Do you need help securing a tenant-friendly lease at a new property?

Just about anyone can sign a lease. However, there’s a huge difference between signing a lease and bringing the strategy and expertise necessary to secure highly advantageous terms at a space that magnifies your company’s growth and mission. The team at Ike is expert at getting the best deals possible at the best spaces possible.

Lease Renewal

Are you looking to renew or extend your lease at your current space, but want to make sure you get a great deal?

Have you noticed that existing tenants looking to renew their lease often get worse deal terms than the deal terms landlords offer to new tenants? This type of treatment typically indicates that a tenant has been the victim of poor representation. The Ike team is expert at negotiating lease renewals that reflect the true value that renewing tenants represent to their landlords.

Lease Expansion

Do you need expansion space but feel like your landlord has all the leverage? 

Too often, tenants with a pressing need to expand feel captive to their landlords. In reality, expanding tenants have many options and represent huge value to landlords and, with the right leverage, can not only secure advantageous deal terms, but also address potentially unfavorable provisions from their existing lease or amendments. The Ike team is expert at turning the tables to get expanding tenants the terms and space needed to support their growing business.


Have you experienced an unexpected turn in your business where you don’t need all of the space for which you are contractually obligated to pay? Offsetting occupancy costs may be possible through a sublease of your space or buy-out of your remaining obligation. The Ike team is expert at helping companies reduce occupancy costs and maximize rent recapture.

Building Purchase

Are you looking to purchase real estate from which to operate your company?

Purchasing real estate is a big decision. When looking to do so, you want the assistance of an expert that will do more than just run a search of a database. Understanding the functional and financial implications of leasing verse purchasing is imperative to making sure your real estate is aligned with your business objectives. Ike is expert at performing the robust analyses companies need to feel confident in the purchase of real estate and will leave no stone unturned to find the right properties for you.

Building Sale

Are you looking to sell your building?

Every seller wants to get the most out of the sale of their real estate. To do so, you need a broker that will do more than just put up a sign and wait for calls to come in. You want a broker that will roll up their sleeves and pursue a fruitful sale with the same enthusiasm as if the property was their very own. At Ike, we know how to position your building relative to the market, create a clear and memorable value proposition and find prospective buyers wherever they may be.

Sale Leaseback

Could your business benefit from recapitalizing through your owned real estate?

Well executed sale-leasebacks can create an infusion of capital for businesses looking to transition from owner-occupants to tenants through the sale of real estate. Ike knows how to position business’s real estate assets to be maximally attractive to potential investors/buyers, while also structuring ongoing leases to provide sellers/tenants much needed protection over the term of a lease.

National Portfolio Services

Are you tired of having to find and manage brokers in various markets across the country?

Companies with real estate requirements in multiple markets across the country can be faced with the challenge of finding and overseeing brokers in each market, which can often prove to be a management and logistical nightmare that increases the risk for costly oversights. At Ike, we are expert at serving as companies’ single point of contact for their real estate requirements, regardless of location, identifying and utilizing the right local brokers, and ensuring the highest level of strategy is employed at every step of the process.


Do you need general guidance and strategic advice to navigate a difficult situation? Individual real estate problems can be time consuming and require a specialized knowledge base to solve swiftly and effectively. The Ike team is expert at consulting clients through challenging situations.

How can we help?

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