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Unconflicted Representation

We are committed to providing our clients true advocacy. At Ike, we exclusively represent companies that occupy commercial real estate—never traditional landlords.

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unconflicted representation

It can be hard to exactly put your finger on it, but most tenants have experienced it—the vague sense that they’re being taken advantage of. 

You wonder: Why aren’t there better properties for me to consider?  Why is my broker telling me it’s a good deal when it doesn’t seem all that good? Is my broker pulling punches in negotiations? Does my broker have ulterior motives?

You’re not crazy. There is a reason why hiring a traditional real estate broker can feel a little like working with a used car salesman. It’s because that broker’s representation of you as a tenant is inherently limited and compromised.

Most commercial real estate brokers are heavily conflicted. When brokers or brokerage firms are willing to represent both tenants and traditional landlords,  a few things can (and regularly do) occur:

  1. The same broker or brokerage firm ends up representing both landlords and tenants on the same transaction.

  2. So as to not jeopardize lucrative existing or prospective landlord clients, brokers subtly cater to landlords in negotiations.

  3. Brokers show fewer than all the available spaces on the market to ensure that tenants end up leasing space from certain landlords at terms favorable to those landlords.

When conflicts such as these are tolerated, it is the tenant that gets the short end of the stick. But only every time.

These conflicts of interest are so entrenched in commercial real estate that unless actively undermined, tenants can hardly avoid being disadvantaged by a system that was set up by landlords to benefit landlords.

unconflicted representation

At Ike, we eliminate these conflicts of interest.

We will never use tenants as a stepping stone to win landlord clients. We never pull punches in negotiations. We never steer tenants to the properties of certain landlords.

We only represent companies that occupy commercial real estate and never traditional landlords.

We take our fiduciary duty seriously. The interests of the clients we represent are always truly represented.  Our clients can have complete confidence that all our integrity, knowledge and expertise will be employed towards our singular and shared goal—to get companies that occupy real estate the very best deals possible.

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