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Integrity, knowledge, expertisethe pillars upon which Ike is built and the standards to which we hold.

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When we tell you we will do something, we mean it. When we agree to represent a client, we hold it as a matter of personal pride. We approach every transaction we manage on behalf of our clients with the same seriousness as if that transaction was our very own. What’s the benefit of hiring a broker that you can’t completely trust? You can have confidence in Ike to operate with integrity and in your best interest at all times.



Many real estate brokers are just glorified salespeopleheavy on schmoozing, light on understanding the factors that truly underpin real estate decisions by the parties for and against whom they negotiate. Ike consists of experienced, credentialed real estate professionals that embrace a data-driven pursuit of the best real estate outcomes. We know the market.  We know the process.  We truly understand the nuance and complexities of how real estate works.



At Ike, we view expertise as the proven ability to leverage knowledge to produce great real estate deals. We’ve honed our skills over hundreds of transactions. We know how to create a competitive scenario that benefits our clients. It’s what has allowed us to secure concessions that other brokers might be reluctant to even propose. When working with Ike, you can be certain that your broker won’t just report on the market, but will help you capitalize on the market.

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